Winds of Finnish Clothing Design

As of late, I’ve been inspired by Finnish design, especially when it comes to clothes. An increasingly popular trend around the world, however besides the bigger brands, most of the true gems are still hard to find. I happen to have some connections within the clothing industry so I get to see a lot of the stuff that just doesn’t surface, even thought they could be extremely successful abroad. On one side it’s a pity, on the other it invites many to an unknown and special fashion world. Perhaps it’s better the way it is.. but sooner or later some of these smaller Finnish brands will surface. When is up to winds of trends to decide but if one trend will have a big impact, it’s Japan!

Here are a few shots of my finds to get a sneak peak! If you are interested in less known Finnish clothing brands, please follow this page.

Finnish Design Finnish Design Finnish Design Finnish Design Finnish Design