The Last Opera Dream in Beijing

Many forms of theatre make interesting targets for photography. But there is one that tops them all, at least for me personally. In Beijing Opera you can find the most broad variety of some of the most curious emotions and expressions there are. I believe that the combination of the non-sensitively conscious and  unconditioned  Chinese with deeply rooter historical Chinese theatre makes a setting for a lifetime.

My senses were overload especially when I got to see the performers offstage where you could see how their personalities had combined with the act. Smoking cigarettes and making faces with the proud status of an actor that long ago was not that fab. It’s all in synergy with the act on stage.

These people are eating their salads and mix their soy sauce properly with vinegar. Only a highly disciplined person with a strong character can make this their lives profession.

See some of the amazing shots. Catching the moments requires the photographer to play out the roles. For me it’s a blissful experience that teaches a lot about what a crazy and wonderful world we live in.

Opera in Beijing Opera in Beijing Opera in Beijing Opera in Beijing