More About Stunning Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatics in Beijing!

I had a lot of request to go deeper into the world of Chinese acrobatics. Especially when it comes to Chaoyang Theatre, there is a huge lack of information in English. So I wrote up an introduction to tell you all about this brilliant and photographic show in Beijing.

Chaoyang Theatre Acrobatic Performance in Beijing

Chaoyang Theatre

Beijing is a must-see destination in China, as it is a fantastic metropolis, filled both with history and modern vestiges as well. If you wish to get the pulse of the Chinese lifestyle, then there isn’t a better place for you to be than Beijing. It is an astonishing city, being very busy during the day and incredibly lighten up during the night. There is always something to do here, or to see. Whether you stop by the Heaven Temple, loose and entire day at one of the enormous malls, grab a bite at one of the restaurants serving traditional Chinese cuisine or just stop to savor a cup of tea, Beijing will always give you something to do. But, there is one thing, famous worldwide, that you need to see while in the city. It is the well-known Chaoyang Theatre.

Located in the Central Business District of Beijing, the Chaoyang Theatre is famous for the incredible acrobatic shows that take place here. The address of the theater is the East 3rd Ring Road, and can be easily accessible by all means of transport, like the bus, taxi or metro. If you expect to see something like in any other circus, you will be pleasantly surprised to receive something very different. Put in an act in a number of impressive scenes, all the show is a celebration of the amazing capabilities of the human body. You will see postures and representations you were never thought possible, all done with nothing else but the strength and physical power acquired through an intensive training. Thus, making the show even more stunning to watch.

Some of the acrobats in the team performing at the Chaoyang Theatre began their training when they were just six years old. This shows that one needs a lot of rough training to achieve the breathtaking performances presented on stage. The exercises may look simple, from the point of view of a spectator, but if you think about it for a little bit, you realize that an ordinary person would never manage to do such a thing. You can even see a mixture of exhilaration, due to the intensity of the exercises, and pain on the faces of the acrobats, because of the high complexity and efforts they have to endure in each representation. Of course, nothing is mandatory, as they have joined out of their will. But it is also easy to understand the great sacrifice they make when pushing their body limits to offer each viewer a memorable show.

So if you wish to see an acrobatic show like never before, done by respecting the highest standards, you need to visit the Chaoyang Theatre. Nothing you ever seen before matches with the acrobatic show you will witness within the walls of this theater. You will definitely not feel sorry for visiting it, as it will give you unforgettable memories from China. Although, this is just a small part, a very exciting one indeed, about Beijing. So do make some time to stop by and allow yourself to be thrilled by the world’s most skilled acrobats.

PS. Don’t forget your camera, the photos you can create at the show are simply stunning!