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Winter Photography, Playing it Safe

Landscape Photography can be challenging during the winter freeze. By using the right equipment you can overcome those difficulties which is greatly rewarded by beautiful winter landscapes. Usually even a digital camera can endure very harsh cold, even though often the instruction manual states something like 0 degrees. This is an extra measure by camera […]

Beijing, Dance, Kungfu Show Cast and Their Portraits

To continue with my obsession to portrait photography. This time I am presenting to you portfolio shots of the cast from the Beijing Kungfu Show I visited last March. I just took an extempore flight to Beijing since I got last minute tickets from Lufthansa through Frankfurt for a ridiculous price. Stayed there for about 9days with […]

Few Tips for Photographing Children

Just wanted to share some tips about my experience of photographing children. It’s something that easily finds you out of breath and sweaty even if you don’t feel like having done much. So what is it that is so exhausting? I think it’s the fast pace of things. A common drill is quickly changing clothes, […]