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Photographing Work in Xian Show

It’s time for me to step out of my cave and get some more blog work done. Life of a photographer does not simply always consist of “roses” and nothing more. There is much more to it, like running around a lot and socialising a lot in between takes. And for me, it often requires […]

Building Taste in Photography

The world is endlessly full of things to take photographs of. If you have the skill, you can make any object you photograph interesting or an element of giving perspective to the world. This is why the challenge of being a good photographer is not just about learning to take good photographs, but to build […]

The Last Opera Dream in Beijing

Many forms of theatre make interesting targets for photography. But there is one that tops them all, at least for me personally. In Beijing Opera you can find the most broad variety of some of the most curious emotions and expressions there are. I believe that the combination of the non-sensitively conscious and  unconditioned  Chinese with […]

Kids Are Beautiful

This post is dedicated to my interest in photographing children. It is very rewarding and challenging to be able to catch the innocent and joyful spirit of children on camera. Lately I’ve have some more attempts which have turned out very successful. Here are some examples! The expressions on children are simply delightful. One needs […]

Chinese Nature Landscapes

I’m happy to delight everyone with a few amazing shots of wide, beautiful landscapes from my travels in China. China is full of beautiful nature, actually most of it is! Just it’s not that known. Also to travel in the countryside is not that easy if you don’t speak Chinese. I’ve had the pleasure of my […]

Opera & Acrobatics: Anything Possible With Swimwear

Some news I noticed that some serious brouhaha has been stirred up over the Peking Opera bikini pictures. I found the pictures very though provoking as a neutral participant in the issue. As a photographer of an objective view you have no limits to creating amazing works of art. A dogmatic view will proclaim such art […]