Building Taste in Photography

Building Taste

The world is endlessly full of things to take photographs of. If you have the skill, you can make any object you photograph interesting or an element of giving perspective to the world. This is why the challenge of being a good photographer is not just about learning to take good photographs, but to build taste.

Everyones been there.. when you started photographing, perhaps your home environment was a little challenging. You are already so used to your surroundings that it’s difficult to see things differently and catch interesting perspectives.

Then you travel to an exotic country, let’s say India. You cannot stop taking photographs, everything is interesting and gives perspective. Having already practised a lot in your home country, you are able to take professional shots.. and India just gives and gives.. without ever being tired.

You end up with a huge portfolio.. try to pic the interesting ones, show them to your friends. But there is too much to choose from.

Well, this is where it all starts. One starts to see what they like or not. And taste starts to build up and majure. So whats the best recipie for growing your taste.. whenever you take shots. Choose which one you like, you are only allowed to pick one. After this you start to learn about yourself and what is good or not. And you have to give up the idea that perspective is enough, in the end. 🙂