Opera & Acrobatics: Anything Possible With Swimwear

Bikini Opera

Some news I noticed that some serious brouhaha has been stirred up over the Peking Opera bikini pictures. I found the pictures very though provoking as a neutral participant in the issue. As a photographer of an objective view you have no limits to creating amazing works of art. A dogmatic view will proclaim such art as abusive in cases where art is taken out of that original context. My  view is that using provoking material in photographic art is of great benefit to the society in provoking discussion and shutting the mouths of the real abusers.

More on this issue from the source: (edit: we’ve been notified that the site moved to a new address)

From the Chaoyang Theatre I got this idea to dress acrobatic performance with swim suits. I though the result is rather pleasant and no controversy this time! 🙂

Bikini Acrobatic

Acrobatics Swimwear