The other incredible acrobatic show I captured

On my travels in Beijing I also saw this incredible show piece and was busy snapping photos which I will share with you. Acrobatics are usually just about showing skills, but this one was more in the blood and sweat category. They do two shows every single day (excluding the Chinese new year I presume) and flawlessly. Who can put up with that kind of a work, it’s mind boggling to see that.

I especially loved the lion act, where four guys dressed in two lion suits run around the stage on top of a ball and do jumps on top of a balancing board. I mean that just has to be seen to be understood.. the show is not too fancy with props and all, just pure skill. Which is simply wicked. “They” say it’s the best show in Beijing and I think it must be in level with the rest of the best for sure.

Chaoyang Theatre: is in 36 E. 3rd Ring Road North, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Easy to find just go to Hujialou metro station and it’s there.

My favorite bits from the show:

Imagine short guys shooting arrows out of their ass while flying in midair. Difficult to image? Well you got close anyway:)

This is the lion act. No idea how they can stay on top of that ball.

You can see how out of breath they are after the stunt!

There are so many girls on that bicycle that it’s impossible to count how many.

Other than having to be extremely muscular to do that, you gotta be handsome and have incredible balancing skills obviously. 🙂


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