Good Tips for Portrait Photography

Some tips for portraiture that I have personally learned the hard way. Furthermore I have gathered some tips that I bumped into in various discussion forums.

  • If the person who is being photographed is afraid of cameras (most people are), then take out your camera well beforehand. For example put it on a table between you and him. Face the camera slightly towards the person and talk calmly for a while.
  • Another good tip is during the interview, take a few casual pictures, just so that the photographed would be more relaxed and used to the camera when the actual session begins.
  • Make him do things on the set.
  •  Follow the person being photographed before you take pictures to look for what is natural to him. Try to capture that into the picture.
  • Take pictures from the height of the persons eyes. Then there wont be any problems with incorrect dimensions.
  • Ask for opinions of your photographs from everyone, especially those who do not like you and professionals.
  • Gather from all over, also from outside the set, ideas and practice implementing them. Use these learned techniques only when the right moment comes.
  • It is not possible to make good picture, if you have nothing to say. Your inner world itself is not enough.
  • Gather general knowledge. Read and discuss with others. Enlarge your circle of friends and visit art galleries. Engage your self into photography.
  • Do not become a “camera chauffeur”. Stick to being a photographer, meaning that do not think of yourself as a user of a mechanical device, but someone that requires creativity, imagination and technical skills.
  • Listen to the person being photograpphed.
  • Never be arrogant towards anyone just because they don’t understand your brilliance. It is possible that he understands something about your true nature as a photographer.  Best performances arise from being humble and upstanding in front of people.
  • Practise everything you can.

B. Wishes,

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