Few Tips for Photographing Children

Just wanted to share some tips about my experience of photographing children. It’s something that easily finds you out of breath and sweaty even if you don’t feel like having done much. So what is it that is so exhausting?

I think it’s the fast pace of things. A common drill is quickly changing clothes, moving the child quickly to the spot, taking photos and soon you’ll end up running after the children that escaped the shot. So when I’m alone, I only photograph one child at a time. It’s much easier.

Assistance however can be really helpful to put the children in position, quickly take the hands off and then ready with the camera, click click!

Props are always useful. Something small to catch the childs attentiona and if necessary you can give to their hands when shooting. In fact a prop on their hands can get you a great picture without any weird face twists 🙂

Also what I have found essential is to talk a lot with children. With two children it can be a bit tricky, but in the case of a single child, they will calm down so much. You can ask questions like, what day it is or say that they have three ears.

Between thinking and laughing, most likely you can get at least one good picture!

With some children you can ask them to show their special skills, like running. When a child is a little exhusted after exercise they will be more calm:) You can have a look at some of the photos I have shot for a Finnish ecologic clothing brand for children. Also I will add a few examples to my portfolio.

B. Wishes,

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