Beijing, Dance, Kungfu Show Cast and Their Portraits

To continue with my obsession to portrait photography. This time I am presenting to you portfolio shots of the cast from the Beijing Kungfu Show I visited last March.

I just took an extempore flight to Beijing since I got last minute tickets from Lufthansa through Frankfurt for a ridiculous price. Stayed there for about 9days with my lovely host May to whom I hooked up with through couch surfing. In the usual manner I grabbed a good dose of theatre performances and local delicacies. As well as beer which contributed a great deal of my spent time in sitting on street corners and trying to chat up locals with whom I did not share a common language. But I must say the Chinese are in no ways short in using hand gestures, making even the most awkward conversations, a blast:) Yes, I know I enjoy a few non-common thingies in life..

Anyhoo, about the show. I mean, some parts of it were kitschy as hell. But as far as theatrical performance goes in Beijing, I have heard and am somewhat convinced now that this is as far as it has evolved. Which is really far!! I think the characters were great, which inspired me to create this portfolio. They were not kidding around with the costumes. They are real Shaolin munks with more than enough cloth and straps to tie around the whole audience. *chuckle*

Dance, dance, dance.. I didn’t care for the stunts but this was a “gayish” performance which really turned me on. Not the gay way, but the happy, feminine way:P Oddly enough, this huge western presence in mood, was not a turn off in any sense. I’d just made it all thrilling and spiced up. No wonder they are doing well in both Beijing and overseas. Check it out…

B. Wishes,

Btw, I got my tickets from this tour company in Beijing called May Tours. If you want cheap tickets to the show I recommend using them. Tried to call up some other ‘ticket offices’ before but it was a fiasco! 😉

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